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Quarterly Perspectives Magazine

Perspectives 2022 Summer Edition

Summer is here and the outdoor activities are in full force. In this edition, learn about some fun ideas that summer can offer as well as rethinking retirement strategies. 

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Perspectives 2022 Spring Edition

Spring is the perfect time to create checklists for your home and money. Learn how in this spring edition magazine.

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Perspectives 2022 Winter Edition

Winter is a perfect time to remember all our favorite things and to share tidings of comfort and joy to those around us. 

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Perspectives 2021 Fall Edition

Autumn is the time when we pause and reap the fruits of our labor. Come enjoy the 2021 Fall Edition Perspectives Magazine. 

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Perspectives 2021 Summer Edition

It is summer and the season for storms. The Perspectives 2021 Summer Edition offers solutions to prepare for these life storms.

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Perspectives 2021 Spring Edition

Spring is here and it is a great time to start thinking about retirement. Perspectives Magazine 2021 Spring Edition offers advice on how to turn retirement savings into retirement income. Also, enjoy some gardening tips!

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Perspectives 2021 Winter Edition

When it comes to preparing yourself financially for a new year, starting early is often a smart move.  Perspectives Magazine 2021 Winter Edition offers tips for wise money management.  

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Perspectives 2020 Fall Edition

Summer was busy for everyone, and now we're getting ready for Fall.  Perspectives Magazine 2020 Fall Edition offers articles to help you better understand market types, and also contains some fun Fall recipes!  

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Perspectives 2020 Summer Edition 

As we get used to our 'new normal,' Perspective Magazine 2020 Summer edition offers articles to help you navigate life's changes. Although we might not be able to be with you in person, we hope that these articles brighten your day as much as the summer sunshine. 

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Perspectives 2020 Spring Edition 

As the coronavirus pandemic affects virtually every facet of American life, we want you to remember that Spring means new beginnings. Perspectives 2020 Spring Edition contains articles with ideas for Spring activities in addition to information about how the SECURE ACT affects you.  We hope you enjoy the articles, and we wish you a prosperous and beautiful springtime!

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Perspectives 2020 Winter Edition 

The New Year is a perfect time to evaluate goals, make course corrections and give ourselves permission to dream big. Learn how to achieve your goals with our Perspectives 2020 Winter Edition.

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